diumenge, 31 d’octubre de 2010

Giesso: the worst example of customer care

Giesso is my preferred provider for formal dressing clothes (shirts, suites and ties). I use to pay a visit to one of thier shops at every two months on average. I did it last week and bought two shirts for which I payed the equivalent of a fine dinner for two in a top restaurant of Palermo or Puerto Madero.
Right now I'm back from Giesso's shop at Alto Palermo. I tried to change one of my shirts with a small but very visible defect. They treated me like a supicious (I don't know if it was my weekend very casual dress or just bad mood of the shop manager) arguing that the shirt was already used (in fact it was: 5 minutes last thursday morning until I realised the defect) and that it was due to a poor ironing.
After 10 minutes discussing, they have accepted the change, but only "as a personal exception".
Giesso has probably lost a client today.
And it's a shame, because their products are great. Not their customer care.


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